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Merkaat, digital investment advice

Merkaat is a 100% digital advisory service on investment funds that offers comprehensive investment management and an expert team to advise customers on making their decisions.

Merkaat can be accessed from the app available for  IOS and ANDROID, and also via the website www.merkaat.es. You don't need to visit a branch to become a Merkaat customer. 


Registration and profile

Customers can fill in a simple, free questionnaire to ascertain their investment profile. Merkaat will show you how your investment portfolio would be segmented based on the profile drawn up from your answers.  


Videocall and contracting

You can sign up immediately with Merkaat via a video call to complete your details and become a customer. Following the video call, you will be able to sign the contract conveniently and securely without having to go to a branch. 



A prior deposit of capital will be required to receive the first investment proposal. 


Buy and sell

Merkaat proposals offer investment fund purchases and sales that you can execute immediately. They will all be accompanied by qualitative arguments to help you take a decision.



Your portfolio will be constantly monitored, leaving you with nothing to worry about. When any market opportunity arises, Merkaat carefully analyses the portfolios and sends new investment proposals to customers. 


For more information: www.merkaat.es